Go Gaming: Where to Play the Coolest Indoor Games in the Kingsport Area

Game Day. For many people those words bring up images of basketball, baseball, football and those Friday night lights that are so popular here in the South.

For others, game day has a totally different meaning. These games are played indoors and require just as much skill and dexterity as any outdoor games along with a huge dose of imagination.

We’ll explore some of those games and where you can play them in Kingsport.


Mystery lovers and thrill seekers may want to check out The Escape Room for some truly interactive game play.

The Escape Room features three themed adventure rooms where players, working in pairs or groups of up to 10 people, race the clock to solve a series of clues in order to escape a locked room.

The scenarios for each game room rival the plot of any Hollywood thriller movie — players are kidnapped on a hiking trip through the Smoky Mountains or uncover a murder plot and must sound the alarm to thwart the killing or are tasked with stopping a deadly pathogen from being released.

Players are locked in one of the three themed rooms where they follow evidence, search for clues, work puzzles, open locks and must work together to escape before their time expires.


For role playing games (RPGs), board games or miniature wargames, we have three recommendations:

  1. DeWayne’s World Comics boasts the largest collection of comics and graphic novels in the Tri-Cities area. They also have a variety of gaming merchandise including RPGs, board games and miniature wargames.

    More importantly, DeWayne’s World hosts game play, miniature wargames and tournaments. Come on out for Fallout: Wasteland, A Song of Ice & Fire, Heroclix, Warhammer 40,000. Or RPG games: Star Wars Legion, Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition – Ravenloft, and Star Wars Legion. They also host boardgame and Pokeman Go Meetups.

    Check out their Facebook for tournament and game play times and dates.

  1. Mulligan’s Gaming Pub specializes in tabletop gaming. Mulligans also claims to have the most comprehensive collection of board games, trading card and tabletop games in Kingsport.

    At Mulligans, they have regular Dungeons & Dragons and Magic the Gathering (Commander, Pioneer and Draft) nights as well as board game nights and other competitions.

    Check their Facebook page for upcoming events.

  1. Meetup.com. If you’re looking for a regular group to enjoy tabletop games, RPGs, card games or any other type of game you can think of, check out MeetUp.com. At MeetUp.com, we found local groups devoted to one specific game (Scrabble, WarHammer 40,000) as well as groups who play different RPG and board games every time they meet. Players meet in different locations around the city.


For the over twenty-one set who’d like to revisit their childhood, head out to The Gypsy Circus Cider Company. Besides serving hard cider, mead, cyser and beer, The Gypsy Circus Cider Company Taproom offers customers a chance to play retro video games and board games.

Gamers of all ages will find plenty of retro games a short fifteen to twenty-minute car ride away in Johnson City.

Visit Silverball City where retro pin ball machines abound or Play it Again Retro featuring arcade games from the 1980s and 1990s.

Or, for out of this world game play, head on over to Vision Quest VR, where players don virtual reality goggles for a bit of twenty-first century game play.

From the newbie indoor gamer to the gamer aficionado, we’re sure you’ll find a gaming venue you’ll love from this list and gain a new definition of game day.

Go gaming!

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